5 Top-Selling Commercial Trucks to import from Japan

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Japanese automobile manufacturers are globally renowned for manufacturing state-of-the-art, robust, high performing and quality vehicles. Starting from an extensive range of passenger sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs up to a wide range of light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Japanese automotive industry hasa huge history and track record for its unmatched global market standing.

Let us now get to know about the top 5 best-selling Japanese commercial trucks that can be easily imported to any region of the world from Japan.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Introduced in March 1963, Mitsubishi Fuso Canter has continued to stand among the few best recommended light-duty commercial vehicle. Its unmatched capability for carrying massive loads of cargo with a good looking design and structure enabled Mitsubishi to gain a considerable global market share.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter has continued to be ranked as the top recommended commercial vehicle and also reflects greater demand in the used commercial vehicle markets.

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Hino Ranger

Hino is one the few globally recognized automobile manufacturers’ names that have continued to dominate in the commercial vehicle markets for more than a decade. Hino offers an extensive range of light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in which Hino Ranger stands on top of the list for the most affordable and high-quality commercial trucks manufactured in Japan.

It is quite noticeable that most of the car dealers engaged with Japan vehicle auction system agree that Hino Ranger has continued to maintain an unmatched global demand in the used commercial vehicle markets.

Isuzu Elf

First launched in August 1959, Isuzu Elf appeared to be the best selling commercial truck. According to most of the commercial automobile industry analysts, Elf undoubtedly stands as the best Japanese manufactured commercial truck in terms of light, medium and heavy-duty commercial purposes. Moreover, it has been ranked as the best option to choose when importing a good quality used Japanese truck for commercial use.

Toyota Dyna

Similar to other top-ranked Japanese automobile manufacturers, Toyota has also managed to secure a higher rank in the list of best automobile brands. From a wide range of passenger cars and SUVs up to a wide variety of commercial vehicles, Toyota is one of the most trusted brands for several commercial vehicles for customers.

While critically looking into its wide range of commercial vehicles, the Toyota Dyna appears to be the best cab-over commercial truck with the largest number of sales from Japan.Moreover, it has been noted that Toyota Dyna is also considered as the best commercial truck when it comes to its maintenance cost and resale value.

Nissan UD Condor

Last but not the least, Nissan is one of the world’s most favorite automobile brands for high quality passenger and commercial vehicles. The company ranks as one of the top-selling commercial vehicle manufacturers based in Japan.

With a wide ranging product line of light and heavy-duty commercial trucks, Nissan has continued to maintain its global market share for more than a decade. Nissan UD Condor is one of today’s most robust, fuel-efficient and impressive commercial truck exported by most of the Japan’s vehicle auction exporters.

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