Buying Tyres Locally – Best Deals on Your Doorstep

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Where are the best price tyres near me?

When you call in to local tyre centres it’s normally apparent whether you’re a valued customer or just another customer. Often the better levels of customer service tend to come from small, local firms rather than “wheel ‘em in” national chains.

Take Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts as an example, local, part of the community and highly regarded, their team go the extra proverbial mile to ensure that their customers enjoy excellence.

Local firms have the benefit of having time to spend with the client rather than rushing them through the tyre fitting service and they’ll happily answer questions. They get to know you and your vehicle and they’re right on your doorstep offering the best prices on tyres.

How often do you check your tyres health?

It is wise to ensure that your tyres are fit for purpose and not at the tread limit, cluttered with stones or debris. Remember, the tyres are the only part of the vehicle which touch the road.

Tread is vital to your safety, and to those around you, and in wet weather you need the best grip on the road possible. It’s the tread that displaces the water from the tyres so that movement continues. A lack of attention to tyre quality and tread could prove fatal.

You’re busy and probably don’t feel that you have time for tyre tasks but please make the time. Would you be happy taking a flight on an aircraft that hadn’t been checked for safety? Could you happily hop on a bus which may or may not have adequate braking and tyre tread? Your car is your responsibility; you, your passengers and other road users deserve to be safe.

However, if you really can’t find the time or don’t feel confident checking tyres yourself, a local tyre centre can carry out an assessment for you for a fee, which may just save your life.

Did you know…?

When the tread is at the legal limit this means you must search for tyres near me or you’ll soon be driving illegally. RoSPA has taken this one step further and stipulates that tyres should be changed before they reach the legal tread limit.

Travelling at 50mph the breaking distance on a wet road using new tyres with 8mm tread depth is 25.9 metres. With a tread depth of 1.6mm this increases to 37.8 metres.

Tyres near me aren’t difficult to locate, nor is peace of mind.

Seek a local tyre centre specialist’s advice and buy new if any of your tyres are:

  • Bald.
  • Cracked.
  • Deteriorating.
  • Worn.
  • Have distorted tread.
  • If you have a concern.

You don’t need a national firm to get efficiency.

A local tyre centre has swift service and access to tyres. Many brands are held in stock and can be sourced within 30 minutes and on 24-hour delivery.

Best price tyres near me are always possible, there’s no need to go further afield or settle for an impersonal chain experience. Feel special.



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