Choosing the Right Options for the best Motorcycle Gloves Now

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If you have a motorcycle racing, it will be necessary to opt for a sports leather motorcycle glove without any doubt. If you have a versatile bike, which you use to go to work, for short trips daily but also for your weekend walks. The best is to opt for a Sport-Touring motorcycle glove, fabric or leather with reinforcements on the palm.

If you are more GT, it will be necessary to opt for a waterproof motorcycle glove and long cuff. On the other hand, if your use is done only in town it will be necessary to opt for an urban motorcycle glove in fabric or leather, light, comfortable, easy to put on and to withdraw.

For the moment it is a question of logic. For example: a sport glove in long cuff leather to ride a scooter would be really uncomfortable. You will find more models of short cuff and fabric that are more practical in this case.

Motorcycle gloves made of leather or textiles?

Things get a bit more complicated if you’re looking for a good motorcycle glove. Here, we enter a big debate: leather or fabric? Let’s be honest, leather is the safest option for its high resistance to abrasion and because it offers greater tact and grip on the handlebars. However, it should also be taken into account that textile gloves have improved enormously and some even have leather inserts.

  • If you make a trip to the office every morning with the fresh morning air, it is recommended to opt for fabric gloves with thermal lining and waterproof membrane.
  • If you are more likely to ride a motorcycle on weekends, you will have to favor models with more protection. There are leather models without being too sporty and that will be perfect for this use.
  • Very important thing to know when talking about leather glove! There are leather models with a waterproof membrane, even from the Gore-Tex brand. A very interesting option.

What protections of motorcycle gloves?

How to recognize a motorcycle glove more Touring or more Racing than another? Protections are a good way to identify them. Currently, most gloves have joint protection. Normally, sports bike gloves are seen at a glance and include lightweight materials such as carbon or polyurethane. By cons the Touring are more discreet, more “elegant” and normally the protections are covered with a fabric motorcycle gloves also guaranteeing a very good security.

Same for phalanges where there is the most difference is on the rest of the reinforcements. A sports glove generally has more protections and many of them are rigid at the palm and / or the cuff designed to dissipate impact and resist abrasion.

Touring and urban gloves generally opt for foam protectors to provide better comfort but still very resistant to abrasion.

Summer motorcycle gloves or winter motorcycle gloves?

Let’s move on to a big question. Will we get too hot with winter motorcycle gloves? Good question since yes if you use winter gloves to wear them all year, you will actually be hot for several months.

For this, there are ventilated gloves perfect for the hottest days. They are cooler because it allows the air to pass through perforations. There is something for everyone, for textile or leather gloves, sports, touring, urban, for all driving styles.



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