Handy 8 tips to Save Fuel with efficient Fuel System and Filters

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Fuel is integral part of our day to day life, soaring prices of fuel had further surged its importance. Everyone owns a car these days and without fuel you can’t run your car and without money you can’t have fuel.In this expensive era, you need to be prudent and vigilant to cover all expenses within budget. Owning and maintaining a vehicle of your choice is not a big rocket science. With some wise decisions and action you can save money for your car. Fuel saving ways does not mean just changing few driving habits, parts of the vehicle’ also have significant impacts. Fuel system is the most important among all. Its function is similar to vascular system of human body. The main function of Fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the engine which is the heart of the vehicle. You can manage efficient fuel consumption by taking care of fuel system components which are fuel pump, fuel gauge, fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel lines, and fuel injectors. You must ensure that these fuel efficient parts shouldfunction properly. Thus, with little effort and investment your car can save money for your long trip. Here are the tips for the important parts which make your vehicle fuel efficient.

Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass airflow sensor is the most substantial part of the vehicle. It measures the incoming flow of air in engine. It is placed between the air cleaner and throttle plate in the car. It gives you best readings and can be easily cleaned or replaced in case of defect.

Oxygen (O2) Sensor 

Engine computer of vehicle regulates the quantity of fuel inoculated based on the oxygen signal form this sensor. A defective sensor can cause excessive consumption of fuel. It should be replaced when a vehicle has over 100,000 miles to avoid extra consumption of fuel

Spark Plugs 

Car spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine combustion chambers. You must replace it as your car covered 60,000 miles or more. Spark plug is easily available at saving cost and can be replaced easily at home.

Air Filter

Air filter can also save fuel for your car. A defective and dirty air filter can reduce fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Replacing the air filter is very quick, cheap and easy task. You need not to visit any workshop for its replacement

Fuel pumps

Fuel pumps play a vital role in fuel efficiency. Mainly their function is to generate constant flow of fuel to the engine. Fuel pump can be positioned in the tank or outside the tank. Now a days, new electrical pumps are available in the market. Electrical pumps are placed inside the fuel tank and produce continuous flow of fuel to engine which in result protect the fuel from heat of engine

Electrical fuel components and accessories, such as the fuel pump, can save the vehicle from the risk of fire as they can spark and ignite fuel vapors, but liquid fuel will not explode.in order to protect car from overheating and excessive burning of fuel, it should be placed inside the fuel tank.

Fuel Tank

 The reservoir of the vehicle is fuel tank. Its function is to store the fuel for the vehicle. Fuel tank has a filler tube which is sealed with fuel cap. Moreover, there is a unit inside the tank which tells the fuel gauge about quantity of the fuel. You can easily save fuel by following its readings.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters maintain the clean flow of fuel to the engine. Vehicles have one or more fuel filters. Some vehicle have only one fuel filter and some have two, one located inside the tank and the other in line between the fuel tank and engine. Fuel filter play a significant role in protecting fuel containing contamination such as rust, dirt, and debris which could result inhigh damage to high precision components of vehicle. Thus, for the vehicle to burn fuel more efficiently, a clogged free filter is need of the hours. Furthermore, defective filter can also cause damage to electric fuel pump. You need to clean it or replace it which is not a hard nut to crack..


Tires can cause over consumption of fuel. Tires of the car must not be worn-out and under inflated. Tires should not be out of alignment. In order to achieve fuel efficiency, tires of your car must be properly inflated. Tires must be replaced in case of defect. A pressure gauge is used to maintain proper pressure of tires. Resultantly, you can not only improve fuel mileage but also save money for your vehicle

Conclusively, you can save your vehicle from excessive use of fuel by avoiding certain driving behaviors such as quick acceleration, hefty breaking, and driving very fast, carrying excessive load, driving at busy hours and busy places, taking long routes, driving without guidance, heavy use of AC, parking without shelter etc. In addition, you can also improve fuel efficiency by maintaining and replacing certain parts of the vehicle.With diminutive investment you can not only improve heath of your vehicle but also save money for its maintenance.



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