How to pass your driving test quickly

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Do you want to pass your test quickly? Are you willing to put in the effort and do what it takes? If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require effort and time, you’ll be disappointed. You’ll find there is no short-cut, but there are ways to make the process quicker and easier for you.

Buy study materials to pass your test quickly

Study materials for both theory and practical exams are available pretty much everywhere. If you go into a local book shop you’ll find resources on how to pass your test quickly. Online stores like Amazon and eBay are an endless supply of resources you could use. Find some links below to some good guides for Driving Tests

Learn to Drive (The Complete Version) – £3.81 on Kindle, £15.99 paperback

Driving Test Success All Tests DVD 2017 Edition – £8.95

Learn to Drive – from £0.00 to read free on Kindle Unlimited and £3.99 to buy outright.

AA Learn to Drive – Practical Test Highway Code and Theory Test – £8.00

These materials are both useful and affordable. There really is no excuse to spending a few hours getting your head down and reading about what you need to know.

Take Practice Tests

There are multiple practice tests available online, but you can also get them in store too. If you go to your local DVLA or DVSA office they should have practice tests available too. As previously mentioned, there are multiple online tests, some of which are interactive and will tell you as you go whether you’ve answered right or wrong. If you’re not sure, check out Safe Driving For Life’s free online test. Alternatively, you could go to theory test online.

Practice tests not only prepare you for the theory test, but also give you an idea of how the test will be structured. This will show you what kind of questions will be asked. Watch out for the trick questions!

Flash cards

Make flash cards for yourself and test your knowledge, give someone the flash cards and get them test you. You could use an online service like this one here. Alternatively, you could use physical flash cards and practice with a friend or family member. There are multiple places online to buy flash cards for your driving test, but if you want to save money you can always make your own.

Driving Test Success is a British based driving test service that allows you to prepare for your theory test with a monthly subscription package to all their materials. Click Here to see what they have on offer.

The Process Summary

Book your test – The first step in this whole process is to book your test.

Hit the books – Read up, soak yourself in the fountain of knowledge these books are providing for you

Brush up on Hazard Spotting – This might seem obvious but if you fail to spot hazards you can fail your test immediately depending on the level of the hazard.

Put in the hours – If you’re not willing to put in about 50 hours, don’t bother. We said quickly, not instantly.

Take mock tests – Use practice tests to get yourself ready for the big day

On the Day

Relax, the worst thing you can do now is panic. You need to breathe and remember that you’ve got this.

Don’t allow yourself to become distracted and take a few minutes before your test to collect your thoughts and look through your flash cards again.

What if I fail on the Day?

Relax, you can change driving test cancellations whenever you like – whether that be with a company who specialise in getting earlier tests or whether it through doing it manually yourself.



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