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Most of us have various levels of aspirations. And it is only human to have them. Lack of aspirations can at times lead to a lack of proper motivation as well. One such aspiration is buying a car. In fact, it is so high among us, that India is now one of the largest consumers of the automobile industry in the world.

In the recent times, the prices of cars have only been going up. This means, that buyers need to be extra careful with their purchases. However, irrespective of how careful a person is, they are not the only one on the road. With vehicles being sold in huge volumes every day, the probability of incidents only goes higher.

One of the smartest ways to protect your car from such occurrences is to buy a best car insurance policy. The best ones keep you safe from the most trivial of situations and ensure that you can continue motoring without worrying about certain outcomes.

There are only two types of car insurance policies that one can buy, third party liability cover and a comprehensive policy. However, each insurer has a different way of representing these policies. Thus, using an online car insurance premium calculator is the safest bet.

When you use an online car insurance premium calculator, you come to know what an insurer is quoting for a specific policy. This ensures that you do not end up being surprised when the final pricing comes into the picture.

Also, each one of us has different needs from an insurance policy. An online car insurance premium calculator lets you play around with different parameters, so that you can see for yourself how much an ideal policy will cost for you.

Why Should You Calculate Your Premium?

The use of online car insurance premium calculator makes the life for a potential buyer a lot easier. In fact, there are quite a few benefits that one can have by using these calculators. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

  • Convenience

Most of the online calculators are designed quite smartly. In fact, they let you continue with buying a policy after you have received a quote from the insurer. Since you would have already entered some basic details for the calculation, you can continue with the same. Of course, there are some additional details that you will have to enter. But it makes way for a much smoother transition.

  • Your Choice

Since you are using an online car insurance premium calculator the chances of your decision being influenced by an agent or company representative is pretty low. You can take your own time to decide whether or not a policy is right for you.

  • Know Your Policy

Since you are the one who does a bit of research, you end up knowing a lot more about the policy that what you normally would have. This is helpful in more than a few ways. Firstly, you can play around with the parameters and curate the policy according to your needs. Secondly, knowing more details about your policy will help you in the longer run.

  • Compare

One of the biggest advantages of using online car insurance premium calculator is the ability to compare. When you compare your car insurance on, you get to see the premium and features offered by different insurers for a similar policy. This way, you get to know the actual offering and stand to save money as well. It makes way for you to buy a better policy for your car.

Tricks You Should Know

There are no second thoughts that an online calculator is of great help. However, there are a few small tricks that you can use to enhance the policy buying experience to a large extent. For an instance, the IDV or insured declared value of a policy is one of the more defining factors for premiums. You can reduce the same to reduce the insurance premiums. However, one must be careful to not reduce it by a large margin.

Similarly, you can play around with the deductibles to reduce the premiums. A deductible is the minimum amount that you must pay during a claim. A higher deductible would in turn reduce the premium that you are liable to pay. Also, there are additional discounts for you to take. The NCB or no claim bonus is the most famous one. If you have not claimed your policy in its previous term, the NCB is yours for the taking.

The online car insurance premium calculator is a great tool for you to assess and finally buy a car insurance policy and an effective one too.



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