Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Overlook

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The motorcycle parts that need replacement include:

Tyres: Motorcyclists should check; worn out treads, cuts, holes and cracks before using a motorcycle. Tyres whose depth has reduced to two millimetres should be replaced. Tyres wear as a result of over and under inflation in addition to braking too hard. Thus, motorcyclists should be careful in minimising this.

Brake pads: They normally wear out when thinner below two millimetres and also due to regular use. For this reason, they should be replaced to ensure one’s safety on the road.

Battery: Motorcycle batteries have a two-year lifespan. They should be replaced when the start-up becomes a challenge than usual. In addition to this, connections and battery’s electrolyte should be checked regularly.

Drive chain, belt and shaft: Shaft belt and drive chain have a life expectancy of fifteen thousand to thirty thousand miles and for this reason, they can withstand wear and pressure. The bike chain should be tightened when it gets loosened and lubricated when necessary. The driver belt should be replaced, and the shaft oiled when applicable.

Spark plugs: once wide gaps and corroded centre wires are detected, they should be replaced immediately as a measure to maintaining your motorbike.

Five easy steps to maintain your motorbike over winter.

  1. Cleaning the chain. This is because they frequently turn brown during winter. Dirt on them should be cleaned using the steel brush before lubricating.
  1. Lubrication. Done because a well-oiled chain will never go rusty. Thicker oil should be used since it does not shake off easily when in motion.
  2. Oiling the brakes. The v – brakes should be lubricated regularly, and the brake pads should not be oiled for purposes of safety.
  3. Maintaining the ideal tire pressure. This is because when the air is less, the better the road grip. The pressure should not be too low since it will result to puncture.
  4. Watching out for flint. During winter season, flints are turned over by rain to expose their share points.

Maintenance tasks in a motorcycle that should not be overlooked

Maintenance tasks for instance general lubrication, coolant change, cable lubrication, brake pad check, oil level check and the changing of the hydraulic fluid are among the essential activities in maintaining the motorbike. All these activities are recommended to ensure that the motorbike is in good and safe condition in all the time.

The benefits of buying genuine motorcycle spares

Saves money and is safe. This is in the sense that genuine parts are long lasting and original from the main source.

It promotes quality and has warranty. In case of any defect in your motorcycle parts that is detected, the spares are returnable for replacement.

In conclusion, when purchasing your motorcycle, ensure that all motorcycle parts are in good condition and it’s essential to have a model that suits your needs. In addition to this, one should be equipped with the correct maintenance skills ranging from cleanliness to lubrication.



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