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If you have worn shocks and struts of your car, never ignore them. It could be dangerous for you! Check out when is the right time to get them replaced.-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Toyota Parts Online.

It isn’t a while, since you are experiencing an uncomfortable ride. Don’t blame it on roads! If you have been lazy enough to visit your mechanic, then don’t be.

Car shocks and struts are essential components of suspension system. They don’t have a specific time period for their replacement. So, you need to identify the symptoms and replace car shocks and struts accordingly.

But before moving on to the symptoms, let us read some basics about shocks and struts.

Shocks and Struts

What keeps your car from bouncing? Ever wondered? They are the shocks or in better words, shock absorbers of car that provide better handling and a bounce free ride.

The functionality of strut is little bit different. Car struts are mounted on the chassis of vehicle on the top and form a pivotal part of car’s suspension system.

Strut performs a damping function similar to that of shock absorbers.

So, for a smooth ride and effective handling, maintain your car’s suspension system. Now let’s check symptoms of malfunctioning shocks and struts.

Uneven tire wear

Tires are not to be ignored. Check their tread wear pattern regularly because it could indicate to bad shocks or struts. Wont shocks are not able to keep the tires on the road firmly which will result in different patterns of wear.

Identify certain wear patterns like center wear, shoulder wear, feathered wear, cupped wear, flat spot wear and toe wear. Mostly worn shocks, underinflated tires, misalignment of wheels cause your car tires to wear prematurely.


Bouncing car? When shocks go bad, you will experience every bump that is on the road. Shock absorbers keep your car from bouncing.

If you feel bumps or bouncing effect when your car crosses a rough patch, then you definitely need to inspect your car’s shocks and other suspension system components.

Nose dives

When the car is braking, the forward momentum of the car is largely absorbed by vehicle’s struts and shocks.

If the struts or shocks fail, vehicle may start to nose dive while braking causing loss of steering abilities. Shocks and struts wear overtime. Struts wear out every time but your rash driving can also cause premature wear and eventually nose dives may be experienced.

Shocks if gone bad, lose their ability to control the handling. Bad shocks make us experience bouncing and vehicle may lurch forward when braking.

You won’t be able to stop the car quickly with malfunctioning shocks and struts so better replace them early.

Rattling and rolling

Is your car rattling or shaking while crossing minor road bumps? Bad shocks can make you face such situation because it is their job to absorb the impact of bumps and vibration of road.

Rattling ride puts undue pressure on other parts of the car and could soon lead to more that shock troubles and expensive repair jobs. So, it is better to visit a mechanic for inspection.

Long stopping distances

Long braking distances are invitation to fatal accidents. If you are driving with worn shocks or struts, then you better be careful. This is because they tend to increase the braking distances.

Drifting or sliding in side winds

Is your car drifting or pulling while taking sharp turns? Actually the worn shocks are the culprits here as they have lost their ability to keep vehicle stable against the centrifugal force while taking turn. This increases the risk of rollover.

Also, unless you are facing a cyclone or tornado, if you feel like sliding with side winds then probably the shocks and struts are causing the problem.

Vibration in steering wheel

We definitely know how it feels when we pass an uneven road. We experience bumps, pot holes, vibrations etc. We definitely put the whole blame on the road condition.

But what if it is not the temporary impact that you are experiencing? What if you are still feeling vibrations even after getting on a smooth roadway? Something is wrong with your car’s shocks.

At highway speeds, these vibrations could become intense and eventually you will lose control over your car. So, don’t waste time, take your car to a trusted auto mechanic and take the necessary steps for your car’s well being.

Leakage of fluid

Greasy or oily shocks? Alert! There might be a leak. Note that leaks are enemies of car.

The hydraulic fluid and piston are present inside every shock or strut which absorbs the impact of a bumpy road by pushing piston against the fluid. With time, the fluid may start leaking.

Small wet spot on shock or strut is not a matter to worry. But if the whole car shock or strut is visibly greasy or oily, then you have a repair job in your hands.

Leaky fluid won’t let them work efficiently so better replace them with new ones!

So, in the end, regularly maintain your car and check fluids regularly. Do feel the driving because it will definitely tell you if anything is wrong with the internal or external mechanism of car.

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