Pixar Fans! Check Out These Alternative Cars Characters

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If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite Pixar characters would look like as Cars characters, then you can see them here.

Woody, our favorite character from Toy Story is known as the loyal and reliable cowboy from long ago. His perfect car match would be the Ford F100, America’s favorite pickup. Just like Woody, it’s a timeless classic.

Buzz Lightyear would be featured as an Infinity Q30. His favorite phrase was “to infinity and beyond!” so what’s more fitting than the Infiniti Q30? Both are full of energy and life and are very futuristic.

Mr. Incredible with his superhuman strength and durability would make a great Land Rover Discovery LR4 which is known to be one of the most versatile SUVs out there which makes it perfect for anyone seeking out an adventure.

Heimlich the greedy and fat caterpillar would be an ideal Bi-Articulated Bus. And just like the bus, he is always full.

Dory our favorite blue fish is a lot like the Plymouth Prowler-lovable but not perfect. Dory has memory issues and the prowler has some flaws when it comes to power but whatever it is lacking is made up with other traits.

Carl Frederickson the cranky old man from the movie Up would be a Ford Super Deluxe-a classic with bold and unforgettable features. When the roof is up, it is classy and means business but when the roof is down-let the adventure begin.

Edna Mode the fashion designer with flare would be a perfect Fiat 500 because both are fun and funky. The Fiat 500 is fun and a fashion statement.

Wall-E became everyone’s favorite robot that would collect treasures on a desolate earth. He has character and a mind of his own just like the Google Self-Driving Car.

Whoever is your favorite Pixar pal, there is a perfect match in the car kingdom. Their unique features and fun personalities have a car that would compliment their fun and adventurous characters.

Image Source: Click-Mechanic, https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/alternative-pixar-cars



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