Roof Rack 101: A Quick Buying Guide

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Roof Racks Galore carries plenty of roof racks in Australia, and if you are still asking why you need one–are you sure you are in this country? If you own a car with leather seats, and you like going to the beach or cross country but you don’t want to overload your cab, you don’t have to shop for a bigger car just yet. Maybe all you need is a roof rack. Before you dive right into the numerous selections of roof racks available, however, you should think about these things first. 

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Lifestyle check

How do you live your life? There’s always going to be a reason for you to need a roof rack on your vehicle especially if, like most Australians, you keep half of your things in your car. But the questions still begs to be asked: what type of roof rack would be suitable for you? Are you a bike rider? Do you need roof racks for tools that could soil the interiors of your car? Do you need it for commercial purposes? Do you have a big family and would need some space for luggage just in case you decide to go on a road trip? These are all good things to think about before perusing Roof Racks Galore. 

Roof load capacity

Before you get too impressed with the weight capacity of a particular roof rack model, grab your vehicle manual first. You could be spending too much money on a high capacity rack when your roof can only carry a limited weight. If this is not included in your manual, go ahead and call or email your manufacturer. Who knows, they might even direct you to a specific model that is an optimal fit for your vehicle. 


The more versatile a roof rack is, the better. However, if you are working on a budget then just get the best one your money can afford. While that high-end roof rack with accessories for mounting bikes might look enticing, it’s not the right one for you if what you really need is a rack mainly for luggage. You might also think about purchasing roof boxes which could keep your luggage and other sensitive items safe from the weather. 


What’s the weather in your area? If you live in a highly humid area or if you are by the sea, then you need a roof rack that is designed to withstand these conditions. The last thing you want is to suffer from corrosion so soon after you’ve installed your roof rack. Not only is replacing your roof rack a hassle, the corrosion can also seriously damage your vehicle. 

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Are you planning to keep the roof rack on your vehicle permanently, or would you rather have a more lightweight model which could be removed when it is not in use? While this is really just a question of aesthetics, it’s something to seriously consider. A roof rack has many uses but you would not want an accessory that takes away the pleasure of owning a stylish car. There are, of course, plenty of sleek and stylish roof racks with Roof Racks Galore and other brands available today.

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