Tips for choosing a rental car

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Choosing a rental car can be much harder than you think! You’ve got a plethora of vehicles to choose from, so how do you make the best decision? If you’re thinking about taking out a car rental anytime soon, then here are some tips to help you out:

Think about the price

Car rental prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the specific vehicle in question. Generally speaking, a small car like a Volkswagen UP will be cheaper for you to rent than a much larger vehicle with more space and more seats. So, the best place to start is with your budget; work out how much you can afford, then look for cars that fall into your price bracket.

Consider the insurance

On top of the car rental price, you will also have insurance. Usually, the cost of car rental insurance gets included in the overall daily rate. So, this makes it even easier to work out how much you can afford. But, you can also add protection in the form of Collision Damage and Theft waivers. If you want either of these things, then find out the additional costs and factor them into your budget.

Choose something you’re comfortable driving

We all have different levels of driving experience, which means some cars are more convenient for us than others. For example, if you usually drive a small supermini, then renting a large car might not be best for you. It will be hard to adjust to such a different style of car with more power and size than you’re used to. The same goes for anyone who usually drives automatic and hasn’t driven a manual car since their driving test; choosing an automatic car rental will be more comfortable for you. So, select a vehicle that you know you’ll feel comfortable in as it will reduce the chances of any accidents.

Think about how much space you need

Are you travelling with a large group of people? If so, then you need a car that can accommodate everyone while still offering a good deal of comfort. Will you have lots of luggage? If so, then choose a vehicle with ample boot space to put your suitcases in. The point here is that you need to think about how much space you need. As such, this helps you figure out the type of car that suits you best. For example, small economy cars are ideal for two people with minimum luggage. But, if you’re travelling as a group of three, then something slightly larger – like a compact hatchback car rental – offers more space without forcing you to rent something outrageously huge!

Once you start asking the right questions, it becomes easier to choose the best rental car for you. The bottom line is that you have to pay for a vehicle that’s comfortable for you to drive, but still provides all the space you need. It must be easy for you to afford, while also providing the ideal insurance coverage. Check out Henfield Hire for different car, van, and minibus rentals.



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