3 Types of Car Removal Service Scams in Melbourne

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The last thoughts you want to have on your mind when you are searching for a car removal service in Melbourne is to find a scammer who will make the moving experience a nasty one for you. But truth be told, the industry now sprawls with scammers and as a car owner, the only justice you can do to yourself is to stay safe by knowing the various tactics used by the con artists so that you avoid them at all costs.

Here are some of the rampant scam techniques in Melbourne you should be aware of and which if you detect in a company, then you should stop negotiating with them immediately:

Car removal at a fee

If you were to sell your car to a scrap metal company, then they would require you to either deliver the car to their yards or pay them for the towing. But with car removal companies, there is no removal fees and you should never consent to paying even a dime to have the car removed. Any company that suggests for you to pay for towing, just know that it’s a desperate attempt from them to scam you.

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Zero Valuation for your Car

The next type of scam you should be aware of is cash for cars companies telling you that your car is worthless or is valued at zero. It is true your car may be very old, and maybe you have harvested most parts and what is now left is a shell of the form car. But even in that state, it will never worth zero. Such companies are just playing mind games with you so that you can budge in accepting the least offer they will give after demonizing your car with zero valuation. Simply don’t accept and continue calling till you get better rates.

Payments at a later date

The car removal in Melbourne works on the premises of instant payment. It implies that if there are no payments for your car, then it will not be removed. Be very cautious with companies promising to remove your car but will be offering payments at a later date. Such companies are known to be smooth talkers, only that they never keep their words. Once your car is towed away, you will have very little leverage to compel them to pay or have your car back. To avoid such, simply say NO to later payments.

Selling cars to authentic car removal companies can be easy now. To know more details, call us at Cash For Your Cars Melbourne at 0410726726.



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