The Five-Step Guide to Guaranteeing Proper Uber Rider Etiquette

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Ridesharing is all the rage right now and the majority of Uber riders have nothing but positive experiences to speak of.

However, bear in mind that having a good ride is a two-way street. Karma counts when it comes to ridesharing. If you expect a courteous driver that gets you from Point A to Point B safely, you’re likewise going to need to return the favor with your own behavior.

Although we oftentimes hear horror stories about Uber drivers, it’s oftentimes riders who are the most oblivious to their potentially bad or disrespectful behavior. If you want to guarantee a good ride every time, you need to mind your manners and understand exactly what you need to do to ensure proper etiquette as an Uber rider.

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So, what are the five must-do’s for what drivers would consider a polite rider to be?

You Leave Positive Reviews

Five-star ratings are the expectation of problem-free rides, plain and simple. While you may see three or four-star as good or average in terms of the quality of your experience, Uber doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Low ratings are one of the many reasons for Uber deactivation, after all. Being deactivated is a legitimate fear for drivers who could potentially lose their status with the company if their ratings go below a certain threshold.

Obviously you deserve the right to leave whichever sort of review you want; however, you won’t score any points with future drivers by being stingy or nitpicking your experience. As long as you get where you need to go, being petty or bitter won’t do you much good in terms of star-ratings.

You Make a Point to Tip

Although you aren’t necessarily obligated to tip, doing so is somewhat of an expectation for drivers today. Think about it: your driver is providing you with a service and if they’re going above and beyond for you, why not slide a couple of bucks their way? Considering that Uber now supports in-app tipping after previously only allowing cash-only tips, doing so is easier than ever.

You’re Ready for Your Ride

There’s nothing worse than forcing your driver to wait around for you because you called too early. Think about it: time is money for drivers who need to maximize how many pickups they can get, especially during peak hours. Forcing drivers to wait is not only rude but also could hurt their bottom line.

Furthermore, make sure that you’re at a safe and appropriate location for pickup such as a parking lot rather than a median or the middle of a busy street. Jumping into your Uber from a stressful situation will only start out your ride on the wrong foot.

You Make Assumptions

If you want something, sometimes it’s best to flat out ask rather than make assumptions regarding what’s okay and what’s not okay with your driver. For example, you should definitely ask about whether or not it’s okay to…

  • Cranking up the music in the car
  • Eating or drink inside of your Uber
  • Sit in the passenger seat rather than the backseat which is considered to be standard

Asking beforehand ensures that your ride isn’t awkward and you’re ultimately respecting the wishes of your driver.

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You Distract Your Driver

Finally, don’t neglect the need to simply be respectful.

Being quiet in your Uber, whether in the form of music or conversation, is the norm to ensure that your driver can effectively focus on the road. Talking with your driver is totally fair game, but there’s no need to get into a heated debate or criticize their driving. The more you can do to let them focus, the better.

Remember: the responsibility of a great Uber ride doesn’t fall solely on the shoulders of your driver. With these tips in mind, you can go into your next Uber with peace of mind that you’re not going to be the passenger that your driver dreads.



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