Advices That People Need to Obey to Avoid Road Accidents

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Road accident is a very common problem in towns and cities. It has devastating impact on those who are involved in the accident. They don’t just affect the drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists are also suffered greatly by accidents.

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but being aware of the main causes can help to be safe while driving and to reduce the risk of an accident happening.

Road accidents occur for various causes. Those can be over speed, drunk driving, driving when being tired, using mobile phone while driving, and poor weather condition, poorly maintained road surfaces, distracted by eating, smoking or drinking and so on. So here are some road accident advice that can be helpful for reducing road accidents.

Driving in according to the road condition is necessary. It’s better drive slower when the weather is bad. Road surfaces are hampered by rain, fog or snow. In wet season, the capability of stopping vehicle instantly reduces greatly.

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Vehicle should be kept in good mechanical order. Worn tires and brakes should be replaced as needed. Windshield washer s fluid should be kept full and windshield wipers should be changed out on a regular basis.

Wearing the seatbelt while driving is mandatory. Not only seatbelts keep safe in an accident, it helps to avoid accidents as well. Seatbelts held the driver in place during an aggressive maneuver.

Intersections of road are very critical point as many accidents happen here. People should always slow down and look both ways at intersections. People assume that other vehicles will stop just because the light is red. But there is always someone trying to get through the intersection during a yellow light. So being careful at the intersections is very important.

Drivers should stay away from 18-wheelers. These large tractor trailer rigs require extra space when making wide right turns. Therefore, people avoid the right side of one, especially if the driver is going to turn right. A driver should not drive behind an 18-wheeler on the highway because a blown tire can cause a serious accident.

People should turn the head to check for traffic before changing lanes. They should not rely on their mirrors when making a lane change. All vehicles have “blind spots” in which mirrors cannot see. People should not ride in the blind spots of other vehicles.

Over speed is one of the main reason of accidents. Slowing down when necessary is important. People should obey the speed limit even if every other car is surpassing it. It should be remembered that police officers often stay hidden from view while looking for speeders. If someone is caught driving too fast, they won’t hesitate to give a ticket.

People should let others pass them.It is defensive driving which means letting others go ahead-not defending position in traffic. All should accept the fact that someone is always going to think they’re in more of a hurry others. So they should not try to race on the road and should let them do whatever they are doing.

People should avoid getting into a car with a drunk driver. It is always better to have a “designated driver”. People should never drive after having alcoholic beverages. Even one beer can alter the ability to drive safely. So owners of the vehicle always try to let another who don’t drink alcohol to drive they are drunk.

An accident can ruin a life or a family. So people should take all the precautions and obey the advices to stay away from road accidents.



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