Are You Really Taking Proper Care of Your Car? Consult this Five-Point Checklist

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If you started driving later in life and never had anyone teach the ropes of what it means to truly take care of your car, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed.

While you certainly should be concerned about the long-term care of your car, keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sure, not all cars are created equal in terms of upkeep; however, there are many common threads between the needs of about 99% of cars out there.

Want your car to run like a literally well-oil machine as long it possibly can? Don’t want to lose that “new car” vibe on your vehicle? Good. Keep the following five-point checklist in the back of the mind to make sure you’re ticking all of the boxes of proper vehicle maintenance.

Protect Your Exterior

The exterior of your car should obviously be a top priority when it comes to taking care of your vehicle. After all, aesthetics are everything to passers-by and a well-maintained vehicle from the outside will be much easier to re-sell down the line. Thankfully, keeping the outside of your car isn’t rocket science when you adhere to the following tips:

  • Keep your car out of direct sunlight whenever possible: you may need to clean out your garage or explore options from retailers like Carports and More to keep your vehicle covered
  • Wash your car at least every month: it doesn’t really matter if you do it yourself or go to a professional service as long as it’s done consistently
  • Be mindful if you’re keeping your car in a garage with another car or carport where debris or other vehicles could scratch your pain

Get Regular Oil Changes

While the jury’s out regarding how often you should change your oil, there’s no excuse not to get this taken care of on a consistent basis. Whether you follow the rule of “every few months” or 5,000 miles, risking long-term damage to your engine for a relatively low cost service simply isn’t’ worth the risk, is it?

Mind Your Wipers and Windows

Invest in auto-specific window cleaners to prioritize safety and avoid excessive fogging which could spell bad news while you’re driving. Wear and tear on your windshield wipers varies depending on how much rain you regular receive; however, if they seem dried or cracked it’s obviously time to pitch them. Failing to pay attention to these precautions could not only damage your car but also put you in unnecessary danger.

Make Time for Your Tires

Most cars these days have fairly reliable tire gauges. That said, you should check the pressure every month or so; meanwhile, some gas stations offer free air which makes this tip a total no-brainer. Regular tire rotations are a good idea to make sure your tires wear evenly so you don’t have to needlessly replace them.

Build a Relationship with a Local Mechanic

The importance of having an actual mechanic you trust can’t be overstated. Many big box auto stores are notorious for overcharging unsuspecting customers for the sake of a quick buck. Whether through word of mouth or personal referrals, having someone you know won’t nickel and dime you when it’s time for a repair will ultimately provide you with peace of mind.

Don’t let your car’s condition fall to the wayside. With these tips in mind, your car will last longer and stay looking good regardless of the miles you’re putting on it.




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