Au Pair Resume Samples: From Basic to Standout

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As an au pair, crafting an impressive resume is crucial towards securing an unforgettable childcare experience. A well-crafted resume helps to showcase your skills, experience, and personality to prospective host families and makes you stand out from other applicants. However, knowing what to include and how to present it in a compelling manner can be challenging. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about crafting an 5 Amazing Au Pair Resume Examples that will land you your desired host family.

Start with a Compelling Summary Statement

The summary statement is the first section of your resume that the host family will see, so it has to be powerful enough to catch their attention. Your summary should be concise and highlight your key skills, accomplishments, and unique qualities that set you apart from other applicants. For example, Compassionate and dedicated individual with over four years of experience in childcare. Proven record of providing exceptional care to children aged four to ten years. Possess excellent communication, organization, and interpersonal skills that foster positive relationships with children and families.

Include Relevant Work Experience

Your work experience should be presented in reverse-chronological order, starting from your most recent job. Focus on positions that relate to childcare such as babysitting, tutoring, or volunteering in children-focused organizations. For each job, provide information such as the job title, the name of the organization, your job duties, and the duration of the job. Instead of just listing your duties, provide examples of how you demonstrated your skills. For instance, Assisted a child with special needs with activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, and dressing. Implemented a sensory-rich environment and developed strategies to enhance the child’s cognitive abilities.

Highlight Your Education and Certifications

Include your academic qualifications and relevant certifications that you have received. This should include any CPR or first-aid certifications, language proficiency tests, and any childcare-related courses you have completed. Make sure to include the name of the institution, the degree/ certification obtained, and the year of graduation. For instance, CPR certified by the American Heart Association (2020), Fluent in English, and Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (2018).

Emphasize Your Personal Qualities

Personal strengths are essential in au pair jobs, and host families often look for individuals who embody specific personality traits. Highlight your personal qualities such as patience, creativity, time-management, flexibility, and adaptability. Remember to provide examples of how you demonstrated these qualities in your work experience. For instance, Demonstrated creativity by engaging children in artistic activities such as drawing, coloring, and crafting. Maintained a positive relationship with a busy family of four by demonstrating flexibility, adaptability, and excellent time-management skills.

Keep it Neat and Error-free

Ensure that your resume is neat, professional, and easy to read. Use a font that is legible, and ensure that your sections are well-labeled. Write in full sentences and avoid using abbreviations. Review your resume several times to check for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Get someone else to proofread it for you, as they can spot mistakes that you may have missed.


Crafting a compelling au pair resume requires time, effort, and attention to detail. Highlighting your skills, experience, education, and personal qualities effectively can give you an advantage over other applicants and help you secure the ideal host family. By following these steps above, you will be on your way to crafting an impressive resume and landing the au pair job of your dreams. Remember, always be honest and authentic in your resume, as it’s an accurate representation of what you can bring to a host family. Good luck!



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