Five Defensive Driving Techniques You Should Always Use on the Road

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Even if you are a skilled driver, you should employ defensive driving techniques as it will lessen the risk of a car accident and the need to call a mechanic Houston provider if you’re in the Texas state will be less. Defensive driving techniques can lengthen your life and your loved ones if they often ride the car with you.  Defensive driving is also a mindset. It means adopting a cautious and being safety oriented.

Below are seven must-apply defensive driving techniques you should know by heart.

Focus! No distractions

It’s important that you mentally and physically focus on driving. Do not text, talk someone on the phone or play with your kids. Focus on the road. It’s ok to listen to music, but you don’t need to have your private concert there. All these distractions can cause miscalculations on the road and cause an accident. If authorities catch you distracted on the road, you will incur fines and other penalties which can mean your driving license will be on the line.

Keep a safe distance from the next vehicle

It’s critical that you leave some space between your car and the next one. This buys you time in case they suddenly break, and it allows you to maneuver to the next lane much more smoothly. As long as you can see their car plate number at the back, it’s still a safe distance from there. Even if there is heavy traffic, you should still employ this defensive driving strategy and avoid a bumper to bumper scenario. Plus, this technique is useful if the road is sloping upward. If you’re too near a car and it moves backward as a result of the incline, it will hit the front of your car.

Anticipate the path ahead 

Look ahead and try to spot potential hazards so that you have enough time to brace yourself to brake or adjust your lane or speed. Looking ahead will help you avoid the surprises that will catch you off-guard and potentially lead to a dangerous situation. For example, you spot a notice that it’s a school zone 100 meters ahead. This means that you should slow down now in anticipation of kids potentially crossing. So look at the road signs carefully as they signal ahead

potential road hazards like a blind curve or zigzag road.

Observe the rules on right of way

Being patient and following the road rules especially the right of way will help avoid accidents. Giving enough time for your trip will help you be calm and patient on the road. Refresh your knowledge regarding the rules on right of way if you are not confident about it.

Keep calm at all times

 There will also be idiot drivers on the road, and they will cut you off and break the road rules. Don’t get frustrated. Stay away from them. Resist the urge to get back at them. Take another lane or take an alternate route. Getting angry will just destroy your day, and if the situation escalates, it could get violent if guns are involved.



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