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You are getting late for your job and when you press the acceleration pedal you realise that the car is deliberately losing its power! Our normal reaction is to check the fuel tank thinking whether we are running out of fuel or not. But there might be replacement of auto parts coming in your way!

Automotive power loss may be related to malfunctioning of various pivotal auto parts. There might be clogged fuel filter or bad oxygen sensor or malfunctioning spark plugs. Here we explain the important auto parts that are more likely causing power loss. So read on ahead to know more!

Clogged Fuel Filter and malfunctioning Fuel pump

Car fuel system is very important in providing power to the engine so if any problem is associated with fuel system it will directly impact the power generation by car’s engine.

A clogged fuel filters, malfunctioning fuel pump or kaput fuel injector might have been preventing the engine from drawing power. A vibration is often felt if the fuel injector has lost contact with the internal combustion engine resulting in loss of power.

The fuel injector’s job is to spray fuel in the cylinder so that it mixes with the air which is then ignited to create an explosion that drives the piston inside the engine. The fuel pump does the pushing of fuel into the engine from the gas tank. What if it goes bad?

If enough fuel at right pressure is not sent to the engine, this could alter engine’s performance which ultimately creates car’s acceleration issues as well as engine’s performance is effected drastically.

The third car fuel part that plays important role is car fuel filter. Fuel filter of the car as its name suggests screens out the impurities and stops them from getting mixed with the fuel and make their way into engine. But if fuel filter is clogged or needs replacement, the impurities and debris will make their way into the engine and will impact overall engine performance. Of course this would result in loss of power experienced by car’s engine.

So, the better way is to Replace car fuel system parts timely and maintain them regularly.

Malfunctioning car air filter

Automotive filters whether it is cabin air filter, air filter, fuel filter or oil filter, everyone holds significant importance in the overall performance of the engine and the car ultimately.

Air filters too send pure air into the combustion chamber where it gets mixed with the fuel or gasoline for further operation of engine and power. But by time air filters too can get clogged. Clogged air filters would restrict the amount of air passing through it into the chamber which drastically effects the working of engine.

Air filters are economical to replace so you can easily replace car air filters but if ignored, you might have to pay heavy bills for engine auto parts replacement. Make your choice!

Overloaded engine cooling system

An overloaded engine cooling system could also drain power especially when it has to work in extremely high temperatures. So as to keep providing output at its optimal level, it drains out the power from the engine which can also result in engine losing power.

Even air conditioning systems in cars suck up so much power from the engine especially in warm regions where driving with air conditioning on is survival point for you.

If you are going uphill with A/C on, still it draws excess power from the engine which could ultimately give reason for the power loss.

Bad Exhaust system parts

Bad exhaust system parts like catalytic converters, mufflers or exhaust pipes too can hamper engine’s overall performance.

The catalytic converter of your car is meant to reduce emissions or pollutants. But what if it has been blocking gases inside? May be either the catalytic converter needs immediate replacement or it needs to be cleaned ASAP. It is because the malfunctioning catalytic converter won’t be able to emit pollutants which will be left trapped inside engine and eventually the overall performance will be hampered.

Same goes with car muffler and exhaust pipe. Muffler reduces the noise and if the exhaust pipe gets clogged it would weaken the operation of engine.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensors

The mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air that flows into the engine and then gives this input data to power train control module of the engine. Hence the engine load is calculated using this data provided by the power train control module.

Dysfunctional MAF sensor could also lead to engine power loss. So, get your car checked by a professional if anything wrong with the car mass air flow sensor is inspected.

Another problem can be associated with malfunctioning ECU. What if ECU shows an error that actually does not exist? Or ECU needs to be reprogrammed? In such case you need to contact a technician that would figure out what exactly is wrong with the ECU.

Failing ECU could give wrong commands to the engine which would result in unnecessary loss of power.

Ignition Coil Failing

Even ignition system components like spark plugs and ignition coils could trigger power loss of engine if they are worn or need repair.

Failing ignition coil won’t be able to generate the electric spark that is used by the spark plugs to ignite the air fuel mixture in order to run the engine and resulting in total break down and power loss.

Spark plugs, if covered with ash, deposits also could misfire and impair the further working of engine.

The best way to save your car’s engine is proper regular maintenance.

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