Here are some useful tips to make sure your Dog has the safest and enjoyable experience during road trip

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Here are some useful tips to make sure your Dog has the safest and enjoyable experience during road trip!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar car body parts online.

What to do when travelling with your dog? For a safety and happy drive of your beloved pet check out some tips and tricks! Make sure to regularly maintain and replace car parts for a carefree ride.

Restrain Dogs

Find a crate that is a good size for your dog to stand up in. While using a crate make sure to secure it so that it doesn’t slide around the car.

Dogs can cause heavy distraction while driving. Distraction may cause fatal accident or collision on road. Safety barriers should be used because they not only stop your pet from becoming a distraction to you but they also stop your pet from being projected in case of a short trip. They are quite economical to buy too!

They are made of netting, strong fabric or plastic. They stop a dog from suddenly jumping in your lap.

Buckle up!

Dog seat belts are adjustable straps that will keep your dog in place. It is best to keep your dogs out of front seat as they will distract you a lot.

It is a best safety device that ensures that your dog will behave properly while riding and prevents the dog from hitting car’s hard interior on sudden stops.

You can have your peace of mind once the dog car harness is worn on the pet. Seat belts depend on size of your dogs. Matching your dog’s size to the belt is the only way to ensure their safety.

Car airbags can be deadly for a pet so it is better to restrain them in the back seat of your vehicle. There have been many cases when small pups have been killed by a deployed air bag.

Avoid back of open truck

Don’t let your dog ride in the back of an open truck because it is too easy for a dog to jump or fall out of the bed of truck. A pebble can even kick your dog’s eye if he is hanging his head out of the window of your car to feel the breeze.

Make sure that windows are closed!

Don’t leave your dog alone in car

While you are taking a quick shopping trip while leaving your dog in the car alone, it can result in your dog suffering or even dying from heat stroke.

A test concluded 72°F temperature inside a car reached 93°F in 10 minutes and 110°F in 30 minutes which was enough to cause heat stroke.

Just 15 minutes in a hot car on a hot day can lead to brain damage according to a study. In winters, dogs can freeze to death if left alone for some time. It is also illegal to keep your pet unattended in a vehicle!

Carry dog bedding

For small pets you can carry sleepy pod which is a popular pet bed that combines a bed and travel carrier. It can be used in airplanes and can be strapped into car seat.

These can comfort your dog when his usual routine is disrupted.

Beware of laws

Every country or state has different pet safety laws. You should be aware of what the laws are for travelling with your pet. It is very important because if you are travelling between different places, you won’t be fined for violating the laws if you know beforehand.

Some states refrain the drivers from keeping dogs in the carrier etc. So make sure you know every law properly before heading out.

While on road

Do not keep on driving for long hours. Take breaks and let them rest in between. Never keep them dehydrated or without food. If you are on a long trip, make it a priority to stop every two or three hours and provide your pet some courtesy.

Always put your pet on the leash before opening the door or tailgate to let them out.

Always bring your pet’s recent vaccination and medical records with you. Should your pet become ill, these documents can save valuable time and expense.

Always carry food and water

Leaving water is a good thing because it can help prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. You never know what will happen so keep food and water handy.

Any time you stop for a long car trip, give your pet the chance to get a drink and some food, just as you would do.

In the end, you need to treat the dog as your child and keep their needs in mind for a relaxing ride.

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