How Aftermarket Parts Can Refresh Drives with a Used Car

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Automotive technology is advancing at a jet pace. We are enjoying cars that are equipped with features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, power driver’s seat and windows, rear-view cameras, autonomous parallel parking, and the list goes on. But if you buy a used car, especially a few years old model, they won’t be equipped with these modern day technology features. Hence it might feel disappointing for you as the car won’t allow you to stream internet radio, stay connected with in-car Wi-Fi hotspots and smartphone technology.

But do not fret. Here’s a good news for you. If you feel that your used car rides aren’t giving you the modern facilities, you can install in it a fresh breath of life with aftermarket parts and upgrade your newly purchased used car to a contemporary one in many aspects. To let you know about the most exciting options, here’s a list of those aftermarket parts we have collected from a mechanic of the Saint Maries Chevrolet dealer that can change the face of your car in and out.

Car Kit to Make your Car Controls Hands-Free

We all know how dreadful it can be if a driver gets distracted while sitting behind the wheel. And one of the biggest distractions that causes such driving distractions is mobile phones. That was the sole reason why at first using mobile phones while driving got banned in many states around the world. But since the drivers couldn’t stay away from their mobiles, the automotive manufacturers came up with a technological solution, by introducing smartphone integration in the infotainment system of the cars to make smartphone operations go hands-free.

If your car doesn’t have this feature, you can install an auxiliary audio receiver with Bluetooth car kit that will enable the functionalities of taking and making phone calls without you having to touch your phone, while you can concentrate  on the road and your steering wheel.

Heads-Up Display

Another new aftermarket gadget you can buy for your used car is the heads-up display, which is the major component of the infotainment system that is used to display all the important information related to the drive. It will shift its projection from the dashboard onto the windshield, to avoid any distraction from the driver who now won’t have to move his eyes from the road to read them.

Backup Camera

If your used car is not equipped with the latest safety features, you can increase the safety score in it by installing a backup camera. It will add an extra layer of security by displaying the scenario of the blind spots of your car. It will work in addition to the rearview mirrors, increasing the rear visibility for you. This backup camera will be mounted behind the license plate that will keep sending to the heads up display video signals about objects or obstacles near the rear side of your car, with which you can collide, if you don’t take timely actions.

The experts at the service center of the Saint Maries used Chevrolet dealer suggest every used car owners to upgrade their cars with these aftermarket parts to increase the safety level and enjoy a refreshing drive experience.



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