If the Podracer 500 Were Held on Earth

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The folks at clickmechanic.com had a ball designing “Seven Star Wars Podracers made by Car Manufacturers”. But they left out one key detail: If we had to choose one place on Earth where the ultimate Podracing event could be held, where would it be?

There are strong cases to be made for several locales, and some would suit the article’s respective models better than others.

  1. The American Southwest. It’s an obvious choice, as the sun-baked clay landscape of Arizona and New Mexico is the closest kin to Tatooine that you’ll find outside of the Middle Eastern hot spots. The rough-and-tumble Dodge podracer would be most at home here, as an American stalwart with sturdy engines.
  2. The Amalfi Coast, Italy. What better place for the sleek Aston Martin pod to showcase its serpentine moves? Perhaps we could get 007 himself to man the controls. Of course, the Ferrari and Lamborghini would have the benefit of home-field advantage.
  3. Shanghai, China. It has an informal reputation as the most cosmopolitan of cities, which would certainly come in handy at an intergalactic event. The Subaru’s knack for maneuvering around tight corners would give it the edge.
  4. The Badlands, South Dakota. The heartland is a natural match for a pod bearing the Ford logo, and the craggy landscape would make for an exciting track. Spectators making the trek for the event would have plenty to see in the days leading up to and following the race, with Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse within driving distance (or even closer if traveling by pod).
  5. Antarctica. Maybe it’s just because the Hoth system is my favorite planet in the Star Wars galaxy (so far), but how much would it rock to see a Tauntaun piloting a BMW podracer through the icy crevasses of our least-populous continent? I’d already have booked my ticket.

The folks at clickmechanic.com have opened quite the can of Dagobah snacks with this one!


Poster Source: ClickMechanic https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/star-wars-podracers



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