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It can be really very confusing to purchase a used car. There are a number of things which you will have to consider before buying a car which is used. The task would be same if you are thinking of purchasing a new car for the very first time. There are a number of factors on which purchasing a used car depends upon, but the most important of all is checking out the car physically before you make up your mind.

  1. Just be sure that the car is on ground level

The main purpose to do this is to check the car tires and to find out if there is something sagging or not.

  1. Now you should check the car paint and note down if there are rust spots or some dents.

The paint condition should only be visible if the car is properly cleaned. You can always see at the sides of the car to check the paint work.  You can always run your fingers along the edges of the joints which lie in the panels.

  1. Check the car trunk

You should always check the car trunk to ensure that it is in good working condition. Find out if there is any sign of rust or not. Sometimes water may also enter due to the presence of holes as well as cracks. Look if there is any sort of wear inside the trunk or not.

  1. Carefully check the car tires

To check the alignment, look at the surface of the car tires. If the steering as well as suspension components are worn, then it would cause bad alignment.

  1. Don’t buy a car whose frame is damaged.

You must examine the saddle as it can be bolted or welded. If there are some sorts of scratch marks on the bolt heads, then it means that the fenders were damaged before and now they have been totally replaced after an accident.

  1. Check the exhaust system as well as body rust.

Search in the exhaust system if there are any sort of blind spots or not. If yes, then it would indicate leaking. Use your finger to check the exhaust. Slowly try to turn the car on and then if white vapour comes, then it is a bad sign.

  1. Find if there are leaks or corrosion in the car engine or not.

If there are some sort of dark oil stains on the engine block, then it means that there is a leak in the gasket. It would surely lead to an expensive repair later on. The belts should also appear new or else you will have to pay a lot in future to replace them.

  1. Carefully check the timing belt.

This part is the most important part of the engine and would cost a lot of money to replace.

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