The Many Benefits of Hiring a Drink Driving Lawyer in Melbourne

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If you’re being charged with a drink driving offence in Melbourne, the first thing you must do is get yourself an experienced, successful lawyer. Many people know it is beneficial to hire legal representation when facing a drink driving charge in court, but most don’t really know why. This article will explain some of the key benefits of employing legal aid to represent you in court.


One of the main benefits of hiring drink driving lawyers in Melbourne is that they can explain the whole process and give you information on attending court. If it is your first time being charged with a drink driving offence, you’ll have a lot of questions that need to be answered. There will be many things going through your head such as:

  • What charges am I facing?
  • Will I have to go to jail?
  • Could I be fined a large amount of money?
  • What exactly am I being charged with?
  • What should I expect in court?
  • Who is going to represent me, and for how much?

All these questions can be answered by a qualified lawyer, they’ll be able to put your mind at ease and explain the whole process of defending you in court. They’ll also be able to explain their legal fees and how much you’ll have to pay for their services.

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Dealing with the Police

Experienced drink driving lawyers in Melbourne know how to negotiate with the police, they’ll request a copy of the charge sheet and evaluate the situation. They’ll be able to assess the charge and maybe reduce its severity, they may even find that the facts don’t add up and they’ll challenge this before you’re brought to court. If your lawyer feels like the police don’t have a solid case, they’ll request that the charge be withdrawn.

Seek Special Orders

First-class drink driving lawyers know the law inside out, so when they attend court as your legal aid, they can request special orders which help you get back on the road as soon as possible. Some charges can affect your work if you drive for a living, so the quicker you get back on the road the better. Some lawyers aren’t well versed in road traffic offences, so they may end up getting a charge which could have been avoided.

Experience & Knowledge

Hiring an experienced lawyer who specialises in drink driving offences knows how to get the best outcome from any case. They usually have an excellent working relationship with both the magistrates and prosecutors, that means they are highly respected and can negotiate a good deal on your behalf. They can also assess the prosecutors case and highlight any holes in their argument.

All of the points mentioned above are some of the many reasons why hiring a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne is vital to your case. An experienced lawyer knows how to address the police, magistrates, and prosecutors involved. They can communicate effectively and provide you with expert guidance to ensure you present your case in a good light.



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