Microsoft technology used in latest cars

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Software giant Microsoft has entered a new sphere. At the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas recently, Microsoft displayed its innovations in the auto sector, Local Cars.

In- car infotainment systems

Microsoft announced the launching of in- car infotainment systems that it would be building in association with other automotive companies. These in- car infotainment systems will be build upon Window embedded automotive software platform.

In- car communication and entertainment system

Kia Motors America introduced an In-car communication and entertainment system in association with Microsoft recently. Your voice and touch experiences will undergo a drastic change after you experience the UVO service launched by Kia Motors America, all thanks to the innovations of Microsoft.

The UVO service will enable the driver and passengers to control the music system through a voice command. You can change music files and radio station simply by giving a voice command.

Similarly, making or answering phone calls will be extremely easy, owing to the use of Microsoft speech technology.

Additionally the UVO service powered by Microsoft’s innovation also has 4.3 inch color display that gives information on phone book data and media content, making driving a pleasure experience.

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Future innovations

Microsoft tried its automotive innovations on a Ford Mustang in the consumer electronics show. Drivers would benefit from these innovations much as Microsoft proposes to make future cars web connected. The head up display for the driver will indicate weather forecast along with location of nearest gas station.

Additionally, passengers can also benefit from the innovative technologies intended to be promoted by Microsoft. Unmindful of the driver, the passengers can play Xbox games with friends, making the journey a memorable experience.

Microsoft has gone a step ahead and intends to display its innovative skills with a parked car also. Rear wind shield of a parked car can be turned into projector screen where one can play games or watch their favorite movie.

The touch screen dashboard display has been designed creatively and with the touch of a finger the screen can be swiped between the 1976 model of Mustang to the dashing 2012 Mustang. This display runs on Windows 8 beta.

Safety considerations

Microsoft intends to give safety and security of your car prime attention. Keeping this in view, it tested motion sensing controls in front and rear portion of the Ford Mustang at display. Live video and audio feed of the car’s surrounding are connected to the Window’s phone.

If anyone gets too closer for comfort, the car driver can alert the onlooker just by tapping into the phone that connects to the external audio system.

Tracing the car

Microsoft has come with an innovative app that will help drivers trace their vehicle; in case they park it in a rush and head off for shopping instead. The app known as Viper smart start app can help trace the location of the car and the driver can lock and unlock the car through a voice command from the windows phone.

Microsoft intends to conduct road shows with cars equipped with these features, though the dates are still to be finalized.



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