Top 4 Promising Car Technologies

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With cars like the bat-mobile and Hasselhoff’s famous K.I.T.T constantly appearing on our screens, its safe to say we have been introduced to unrealistic standards of what our everyday cars are capable of. However, with each car become more advanced, we have teamed up with Go Green Leasing to explore five of the most promising technologies to watch for on the automotive scene, and when you might be able to experience them from behind your own steering wheel.

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Alternative Fuels

It is no secret that our cars could be more environmentally friendly, which is why the rise in alternative fuels has increased over the past years. Due to fossil fuels being environmentally unfriendly and limited, renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol have shown promises of becoming the popular alternative. However, these fuels have often came under scrutiny, due the constant debate about the science and ethics of using crops to make fuel rather than food.

With more car leasing companies offering a wide range of hybrids and other energy efficient options, electric cars are currently leading the way of clean transportation, due to producing zero direct emissions. The biggest appeal of electric cars is the potential to make them completely non-polluting by recharging them with emissions-free solar or wind energy.

Driver Wellness Monitoring

With safety one of the main focuses in the automotive industry, some companies have been testing ways to monitor the health of the driver.

This would involve medical grade censors including in the steering wheel and seat, which a lot like the modern-day tech watches out there, will monitor the drivers heart and breathing rates. This paired with autonomous driving technology, would mean any sudden changes would bring the vehicle to safe stop, in the event of an emergency.

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Speed adjustment

Another way automotive technology has changed to maximise both comfort and safety for driver is the introduction of speed adjustment.

Speed adjustment technology will work by recognising the set speed limits on the road in which the driver is on and will subsequently alert the driver once they are approaching an area or road here the limit changes. In more extreme cases, the car can even adjust to the speed of the limit.

Transparent Bonnet

Saving the coolest to last, transparent bonnets seem more movie like than the other technologies mentioned above. This technology has been designed to make tackling steep inclines or uneven terrain easier. The illusion of transparency allows you to see what is directly in front of your vehicle and the angle and position of your wheels.

The cameras located in the cars grille capture data that feeds a Head-Up Display, which creates a transparent view of the terrain through the bonnet and engine bay.

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