Gorilla Post Delineators

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 Nowadays, a majority of individuals own personal vehicles. When arranging a social event, the organizers often encounter the headache of securing an ample parking space. However, the brilliant gorilla post delineators, create a temporary parking lot during such events. These delineators incorporate magnetic technology at their base, making them appropriate for a variety of situations, including pedestrian pathways, loading, and unloading zones among others.
In addition to versatility, gorilla post delineators are equally stable as well as convenient. They are easy to install, even for novices. The first step involves mounting the base on the ground. To cater for all possible scenarios, the bases are customized for concrete, asphalt and off-road situations. After mounting the base, the post is then attached, followed by the desired sign. The delineators are easily portable, befitting them for numerous applications.

Magnetic base delineators

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These gorilla post delineators consist of a magnetic base made of the rare Neodymium element. The base has a pulling power of 380 psi vertical lift, which enables it to secure the post in position firmly. Additionally, the base has a 3600 swivel, which allows it to withstand impacts of up to fifteen miles per hour. The posts are made of polyethylene plastic, renowned for its robustness as well as resistance to ultraviolet light and hydrocarbons.

Quick release base delineators
This is the ideal delineator for marking off restricted areas. It has a flexible design, which allows it to resume its upright posture even after being hit. The base is permanently fixed on either asphalt or concrete but has a spring release pin which holds the post in place. Thus, the post is removable.

Fixed base delineators
True to its name, this delineator is fixed on the ground. The base is made up of tough, 1-inch plastic, fastened down with four Allen wrench bolts. The post is held down by bolts and has to be unloosened to remove it. This delineator is mainly used in restricted areas and is made to withstand intense impact through its flexibility.



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