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The Honda Civic is arguably the most beloved hatchbacks in the 21st century. Excellent engineering, comfort, reliability, and fair pricing are just among some of the reasons that many people find the Civic an ideal choice. However, just like any other automobile on the road, the Civic is also bound to breakdown at some point or another.

While some people think that avoiding regular car servicing, maintenance, or change of tires is a costly affair, it will save you more in the long run.  Also, getting regular checkups for your Honda Civic enhances its performance on the road. Not only does a check up to ensure that all the potential issues are resolved before they get out of hand, but it also creates room for greater efficiency and better driving experience. Additionally, if you’re planning to trade in the Honda, then a well-maintained Civic will allow you to fetch a greater price.

Here are some of the services offered by Honda Civic Edmonton:

Routine service Repair

A routine service repair and maintenance is key to keeping your car running well. Maintenance items, if neglected can become costly repair items. It’s recommended that you develop an interval schedule for your Honda Civic repair to keep track of the regular maintenance. Some of the common routine service repairs at Honda repairs in Edmonton include tire inflation and condition, engine oil level, windshield washer fluid, and dashboard indicator lights on.

Fluid Changes

Just like any other vehicle, Honda Civics also run on different fluids. For the car to run efficiently and also prolong its lifetime, all the fluids should be checked, changed and refilled on a regular basis. Transmission fluids, in particular, are what keep the engine running smoothly. Just like the engine oil, the transmission fluid should never be low, except it has to be checked when the car is running. Honda Edmonton service offers an inclusive fluid change service, with packages that include the coolant, filter, oil replacement or changes.

Emergency repair

Breakdowns are not scheduled and can happen at any time. During such a time, Edmonton emergency repair services can prove to be useful. An emergency team is always on the standby to cater to all your emergency needs and ensure that you`re back on the road as soon as possible.


Car alignment is a vital part of the road safety. A properly aligned Honda allows the driver to have a greater control of the vehicle and also reduces the uneven wear and tear of the wheels. The alignment service is useful, particularly to the motorists who frequent the rough roads, full of potholes.

Break adjustments

Vibration when braking is a common problem associated with Honda Civics. The problem is as a result of the wrapping of the front brake rotors. In some instances, the rotors can be fixed, and if they’re too thin, they will require a rotor replacement.

Cosmetic services

What a better way of upgrading your Honda to a new and glamorous look other than using the Honda Civic Edmonton Services. Your Honda will be repaired, accessorized and even customized according to your liking.



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