Steps to Sell a Used Car

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The market for used car is booming in India and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years as more people look to buy used cars. In such a booming market it can be easy to sell used Fiat Punto in Bangalore if you approach it in a systematic manner.

Get the Car Ready

As a first step, you should get the car serviced at the authorized workshop of your car manufacturer. Get it checked for rust and dents and scratches. Make sure that you get the engine oil changed and tyres filled up with optimal pressure. A buyer would not show interest in a shabby looking car.

Get the Service Records in Place

A buyer would be interested in looking at the service records of the car to see how well it has been maintained over the years. They may also want to see the records to ensure that you have not rolled back the odometer. So you should ideally keep all the receipts of your car service arranged in chronological order. If any parts have been changed then the invoice for the same and warranty card should also be kept in this file.

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Photos of the Car

If you are going to set up online profile to sell the car, then make sure that you take plenty of photos of the car from different angles. Use real photos instead of Google images that are mere representation of your car’s model.

Keyword Based Compelling Description

Pull out your writing cap and write a compelling description for your car. Make sure that you use long tail keywords so that it becomes easier for relevant buyer to find your car.

Set Realistic Price

Set a price for the car that is realistic and can be justified by the records.




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