Tekmetric Auto Repair Software Benefits Repair Shop Owners, Workers, and Customers Alike

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Whether or not you’re familiar with auto repair software, or even have an understanding of how it works, you can be sure that many repair shops these days not only know what it is, but use it for most jobs. Like any small to midsize company, staff needs a way to track in-house scheduling, accounting, and inventory. Auto repair software like Tekmetric does this, with a focus on the auto industry, providing an in-depth look for its users.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

When time is money, having a quicker diagnosis on any type of automobile leads to a faster turnaround. Digital vehicle inspection allows auto repair shops to do exactly this, determining the cause of the problem without spending hours on a visual assessment. Customers get their vehicle back more quickly, without spending as much on hourly; meanwhile, repair shops have a more streamlined process from one repair to the next.

Estimates and Invoices

In this paperless world, Tekmetric provides a platform in which its users can create estimates for repairs and share them with customers. This function also creates an invoice to be sent to the customer, allowing for the customer and the shop to have communication and understanding at all times, along with a flowing, easy to navigate process. Just the click of a button can send an estimate, invoice, or any other type of message directly to the customer – the shop’s most valuable asset.

Customer and Appointment Data

Many people agree that if they find an auto repair shop that they like and trust, they stick with them. Auto repair software is useful to keep track of past customers and their previous repairs or jobs, along with easier functionality of setting and remembering appointments. Tekmetric has the much needed advantage, in this digital age, of high level encryption, keeping secure both customers and their vehicles.

Exceptional User Interface

While it’s nice to have all estimates and invoices saved in one place, along with customer and appointment data, it’s even nicer to have any one of these turn into an in-progress job. Easy user interface makes managing and organizing data exceptionally easy. With Tekmetric, there is no limit to the number of work orders you can create.

Management and Scheduling

Again symbolizing the need for user-to-user communication in any size business, Tekmetric is not only an auto repair software, it is also a user-friendly scheduling software for the staff. Tekmetric is available anywhere that there is an internet connection, allowing staff to check their schedule at a moment’s notice. Staff members can also enjoy the benefit of monitoring jobs in progress from outside of the company’s physical location, if needed.

Managing and Storing Inventory

Tekmetric allows its users to keep track of inventory, viewing what is in stock with the click of a button. On top of that, this specialized auto repair software saves important details for any piece of inventory, including descriptions, needed part warnings, and saving OEM parts information as well.

Vendor Information

Every repair shop needs to know that its customers are getting the best parts you can offer, and that they are getting them in a timely manner. Store information for every vendor you use, from car parts to pens, ensuring they are accessible anywhere, any time.

Take Tekmetric auto repair software for a test drive. If the repair shop you own is behind the times – or even if the trusty shop you take your vehicle to is – think about Tekmetric, while it’s free for everyone in 2018. No contracts, and no payments until your shop has every tool it needs.



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