Why people usually prefer motor bikes:

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Riding heavy bikes or a big bike considered an individual enthusiasm. People don’t need any reason to Buy bigbike [รับ ซื้อ bigbike, which is the term in Thai] as it is considered the part of their interest. Still many people argue to find some of the common reasons to ride a bike. Mostly people prefer motor bike for following reasons:

  • Motor bikes as a cost-effective vehicle:

As individuals interest considers as the topmost priority. Many people buy motorcycles for their own purpose as a love to ride in the open air and find thrill, get excited, enjoy weather while riding on two-wheeled vehicles. After interest it comes to affordability and maintenance of the vehicle. In this case many people prefer two wheel vehicle that is motorbikes. These days there is a high expansion in the prices of fuel and it is difficult for one to manage overall fuel prices on a monthly basis. Consumption of fuel in motorbikes is less as compared with four wheel vehicles.

  • Get rid of parking problems:

Bike riders get huge advantage of motor bikes in bad traffic situations as well as in the parking situation they don’t need to wait for a long parking line. Motor bikes have completely different parking areas as they don’t require such huge parking space and it is very easy to park motor cycle that results in saving time.

  • Bikes are more convenient and environment-friendly:

If you are riding by just for your only interested you are participating in a pollution free environment as bikes have less pollution effect on environment as compare with car and other big vehicle. With the help of bike you can get to your destination sooner as you are allowed to enter in any lane of road you can easily make way for yourself in bad traffic situations.



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