Your New Year’s Resolution? Drive a Better Car!

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For better or worse, the car you drive is – and always has been – a captivating and effective measure of success. There is a reason that imported Ferraris and Porsches turn heads when they drive down the street; there is a reason that, when someone steps out of one of those cars, you immediately think to yourself, “that person probably has it made”.

This New Year, why not be one of those people. Seriously – it’s much easier than you think to get behind the wheel of one, when you lease the luxury car of your dreams rather than buy it. In case you aren’t convinced, here are a few compelling reasons why this year’s New Year’s resolution should be to drive a better car.

Conspicuous Consumption

Have you noticed how celebrities are always well-known, extravagantly adorned and celebrated wherever they go? Sociologist Thorstein Veblen coined the term conspicuous consumption as the need for the rich, famous and successful to show off their wealth. Displaying your wealth might include living in the largest mansion on the hill, flying by jets or even – you guessed it – leasing a luxury car.

You Only Live Once and You Can’t Take It with You

Have you noticed another interesting trend with many luxury cars: Many of them are being driven by mature adults. Experts have discovered that luxury car drivers tend to be more affluent than the Average Joe, suggesting that their drivers have paid their dues and are celebrating success with an expensive automobile.

Projecting Excellence

How you present yourself makes a big difference in how people will perceive you. When you display your strength, wealth and excellence, you might find that opportunities and success follow. It’s like the old adage, “fake it ‘til you make it”. You might be given the best parking spaces, restaurant booths and even work promotions, since companies want to have higher profile employees that project excellence.

Rewarding Success

Leasing a luxury car has never been easier, and you might be surprised at the affordable leasing rates. There are many luxury models out there and car subscription services have lowered their prices to attract business. Here’s how to live your dreams. You can check out car subscription services and view their inventory, or go to a reputable dealership known for leasing luxury cars (it’s even less expensive if you choose a dealership specializing in used luxury cars).

With luxury leasing programs, you have a lower monthly payment, and, at the end of the lease term, you can change models. Most businesses offering company cars will change models every few years or so and you can do the same, and you often don’t need to worry about maintenance or repairs.

Luxury car leasing is the smart choice. You can enjoy super-flexible terms that fit your budget. And most importantly, you can celebrate a New Year with a luxury car that matches your own commitment to excellence.



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