Follow This Guide To Know How Your Mechanic Is Trapping You In His Unnecessary Advice For His Profit.

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Avoid being overcharged for the services you don’t really need. Check out the ways you are wasting your money on your car. – Brought to you by PartsAvatar auto body parts.

There are some mechanics that give outdated advices to you so that can make profit out of your vulnerable state. Don’t let them fool you! At least you should know what you need to replace and what to not. Check out the ways you might be unknowingly wasting your money on your car.

Unnecessary repairs

There are many situations in which a mechanic repairs an auto part and charges you. Even after getting repaired, the problem still persists. When you visit the mechanic again, he again suggests a list of replacement auto parts and hands you a large bill.

But the thing is, if the problem has been solved now, then he shouldn’t have been charging you for the previous unnecessary repairs. In some states of U.S., you can not only file a lawsuit against him, but it is also a crime.

Engine Flush

Engine flush can cost you up to $200. An engine flush uses a big, expensive machine and proprietary chemicals to purge your engine of sludge. It’s not a normal maintenance item. A peek into oil filler cap can let you see any deposit.

You will only need engine flush if you have been driving the car for several years. Just because oil is dirty, it’s not necessary to do engine flush. Your mechanic is just making an excuse for his pocket.

Fuel injection cleaning

You will need fuel injection cleaning if and only if your car’s fuel injector is dirty and you are experiencing some driveability issues. You may have to pay money ranging from $125-$200 for this service.

They should be cleaned but they are not needed to be cleaned before 100000 miles. If you have not even crossed 20000 miles and your mechanic is saying to clean it, just pass it. But if you really are experiencing problems with your car’s fuel injectors, then add fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank and play safe.

Gas saving gadgets

Gadgets are just waste of money. If your mechanic is trying to sell this gas saving product to you just keep in mind you are being screwed. They do not work. Various gas savers like vortex generators claim to improve the fuel economy but in reality they just hurt the actual performance.

No device can increase mileage. Just practise driving tips to increase mpg like avoid braking unnecessarily, accelerate gradually, use good quality fluid and fuel etc.

Know your car’s specifics

You should not blindly trust your mechanic’s words. Remember, you have owner’s manual that always comes handy with cars. Go through them and know what maintenance after what period of time is probably needed by your vehicle.

Not every vehicle operates in the same way. Same goes for their maintenance services- not every maintenance service is the same. Make sure you know minor details like model year and make. Knowing these basic things can save you a lot of cash and you won’t be unknowingly scammed.

Unnecessary lubrication

In car’s chassis, the ball joints and other parts are permanently sealed. So, you don’t need to lubricate them. To confirm this, you can again go through your car’s owner manual. But this theory may differ in case of trucks. Some truck’s ball joints may need lubrication. But again, the master key to every problem is your owner’s manual.

Synthetic oil and oil additives

Their are various stuff in the auto market which are sold to increase the fuel economy and cut friction along with promise of running the engine without the need of oil. That is totally crap. You will be just adding more to your repair bills.

Same goes with synthetic oils. If you have an older vehicle, it wont probably work for you. Just use oil with correct grade and viscosity or just follow your car’s manual recommendation.

Auto transmission flush

Some honest mechanics suggest that if you have regular engine servicing, oil services and fluid checks, a flush is not needed at all. Even if your transmission is not gearing, still it’s not the necessary to perform transmission flush.

Flushing the transmission fluid from your vehicle can actually harm it rather than help it. Some car manufacturers don’t even recommend doing transmission flush. In case you are suggested to do so make sure that your car’s odometer has reached 60000 miles.

Unnecessary labour charges

You can check before hand how much time a particular repair job demands. If an operation is of 2 hours and the mechanic took 5 hours to complete it because he didn’t know what he was doing, you are not supposed to pay him for 5 hours labour.

Just make sure that you will only be paying for the designated time of repair not for more.

Long Life antifreezes

Not every car works on same mechanism. This is so obvious because of their varying make and model. Some cars like GM cars come factory filled with five year coolant. But it doesn’t mean your car can also support such antifreeze.

Adding wrong kind of coolant or antifreeze can gravely affect your car’s performance and can trigger many problems like engine overheating or malfunctioning radiator etc.

It’s better to stick with your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there’s no need to worry- just order from!




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